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The Architect of human being

Minha missão é libertar o espírito humano, pelos campos do brincar!

New Realities

Cidadãos despertam, empresas refletem as aspirações da sociedade, comunidades inteiras sorriem...


Edgard Gouveia Jr.

Passion for people, nature and the planet. The daily manifestation of this feeling gives meaning to my life and all that I do and leads me to look for the best in each human being, beyond the power of individual and collective transformation. I was born in Santos and since I was a boy, I..

Thais Marques

I am a transparent and good humored person, these are my main qualities. Share my experiences and opinions, to help others to avoid problems in life, it is something very special for me. I am also very close to my family, specially to my brother and sister and my husband. I enjoy traveling, playing, smiling,..

Flávia Lopes

Apaixonada pela humanidade

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