Thais Marques

Thais Marques

I am a transparent and good humored person, these are my main qualities.

Share my experiences and opinions, to help others to avoid problems in life, it is something very special for me.

I am also very close to my family, specially to my brother and sister and my husband.

I enjoy traveling, playing, smiling, laughing and learn playing.

I am very practical and I keep my feet on the ground. If it is in my hands to do it, I look for ways to reach it. If it is not, I simply delete it. That simple.

I believe in a Supreme God, Jehovah, whose main qualities I most admire are love and patience – “enhance these qualities to the universal sovereign”.

I have worked in the administrative area for 12 years and for more than 20 years I have been working in the commercial area. These are the companies I have worked with: Petrobras, Imovelweb, Hopi Hari, Porto Seguro, in addition,  Secretaria de Saúde do Estado de São Paulo.

Being Edgard´s collaborator it is something else!! On Epic Journey, I gather my values and believes to cooperate in the development of transforming projects.

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